The cheapest credit card deal offered are by smaller lenders

To do this customers must agree to receive online statements and set up automatic payments to pay back the debt at either the minimum amount, set amount or the closing balance each month.Financial comparison website Mozo spokeswoman Kirsty Lamont said banks are desperate to back customer trust but there are cheaper card offers available.the Commonwealth Bank to come cheap Jordans shoes out and introduce a card with an interest rate below 10 per cent. There are smaller providers out there with cards at a lower rate. Is the only other big four bank to offer a credit card interest rate below 10 per cent.The cheapest credit card deal offered are by smaller lenders Community First Creidt Union and Easy Street at 8.99 per cent but both have a $40 annual fee charge.The commission was told more than a quarter of 245,000 income protection policies held by CBA credit card customers in 2015 was simply junk insurance that would never be used by consumers.Consumer group Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey attacked the offering of the CBA new Essentials credit a rather clumsy attempt by CBA to distract people from their appalling credit card practices being revealed at the Royal Commission, he said.Mozo figures found on the average card debt of $4400 with an interest rate of 17 per cent, paying only the minimum of $25 per month would take a customer 16 years and four months to pay off the balance..

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